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Tempered Glass

Leading tempered glass technology by responding proactively to market trends

The tempered glass for smart devices has evolved from 2D to 3D, and the tempered glass market is growing with the increase of smartphone penetration and display enhancement. Since its first-in-the-world mass production of 3D cover glass in 2014, JNTC has been dominating the tempered glass market based on its overwhelming technology. In 2020, we secured global competitiveness by optimizing core process technology and equipment for ultra-thin glass for foldables and rollables, and we are attracting a lot of attention from global automotive industry leaders by entering the automotive display market.
Since entering Vietnam in 2015, we have built a large-scale overseas production base with the latest equipment to meet the demands of global smartphone manufacturers, and are expanding not only to domestic mobile phone manufacturers, but also to China, US, Japan and emerging markets.

Product Details

Secure new technology and strengthen technological competitiveness through continuous R&D investment

JNTC succeeded in mass production of 3D cover glass for the first time in the world in 2014, and heralded the advent of edge smartphones to the world by exclusively supplying it to Samsung Electronics' first edge phone, Note 4. After that, the application of 3D cover glass to the worldwide edge phone design trend began in earnest, and a double-sided edge, large area bezel-less 3D design smartphone was released. Based on this, JNTC has been changing the paradigm of the smartphone market by providing differentiated value to customers around the world.

Following the commercialization of 5G in 2019, the world's first keyless 3D cover glass without left and right button keys of existing smartphones has been developed and supplied exclusively, and we have secured leading technology for ultra-thin glass for foldables, stretchables, and rollables based on advanced technology of high-performance, high-spec thin-film glass. In 2020, we are planning to enter the global market by developing and commercializing the world's first integrated 3D cover glass for automobiles.

As the global smartphone market trend demands high-capacity high-speed signal transmission and waterproofing, the connector market is also growing. JNTC developed high-functional connectors such as 5G, C-TYPE, and waterproof in 2016 and has expanded the scope of supply to 5G phones. In addition, we mass-produced camera windows for smartphones in 2017, and since 2018 we have expanded the scope to multi cameras in line with the improvement of the camera function for smartphones

We have been launching global No.1 products.

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