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Group Overview

JNT GroupGroup OverviewManagement Philosophy

Management Philosophy

JNT Group will become the leader in the future industry
through unrivaled technological competitiveness
and maximizing synergy between affiliates.

"Be a Leader in the Future Industry"

JNT Group's motto is "Be a Leader in the Future Industry."

How can you prepare for the future?
It is difficult to predict and prepare for the future in a rapidly changing modern society.
I believe that the future of JNT Group is not an object that is predicted or given, but a subject that is shaped.
In other words, today's devotion to the present creates the future.

And I believe that there are truths and principles that transcend time.
The reason for the existence of a company in the future will not deviate from the age-old principle of continuous value creation and increase.

JNT Group will continue to devote ourselves to today and prepare for the future through our efforts to enhance company value. In particular, all JNT Group affiliates have created outstanding user experiences and value for the people who use our products through the pursuit of superior and differentiated leading technologies and investments in constant efforts to implement them into products.

Based on these efforts, we would like to provide a sense of achievement in line with the company's growth and a stable livelihood to the executives and staff of JNT Group, become a source of long-term investment returns for our investors or shareholders, and share the fruits of shared growth with business partners and their associates.

We want to, ultimately, fulfill the responsibilities that all executives and staff of JNT Group have as members of the society.

Management Policy

품질 안정화

Stabilize Quality

시장 선점

Pre-empt the Market

Choice and Focus

Choice and Focus