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Mobile Window Glass

Focus on technology development and competency to lead the future mobile window glass market

With the expansion of the mobile market, the specifications/designs of mobile parts have improved dramatically, and the camera window has continued to develop accordingly. We are securing competitiveness by securing construction methods that can realize design excellence, producing various design products, and producing high-transmittance products necessary for camera performance.

Jinwoo Engineering (JNTE) is attracting a lot of attention in the market as it has secured competitiveness in technology/quality/production areas, and is meeting various needs of customers.

Product Details

Vision & Roadmap

Jinwoo Engineering(JNTE) will respond to customer needs and secure technological competitiveness by developing smartphone window parts with excellent optical performance and design, such as high-hardness windows, high-transmittance camera windows, and UTG windows. We have accumulated technologies from design to finished product manufacturing and to secure reliability, and by securing advanced technologies, we are laying the foundation for leading technology and preparing for the future.

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